Be advised that some of the video content includes adult language.


Jake Abezetian, Quinton Gladney, Meng Hang, Austin Lange, Kyle Mancheski, Alec Matter,
Lauren McLaughlin, Joey Pumo, Cameron Quimby, Charlie Quinn, Kris Schweda, Ben Stempinski, Ethan Suhr, Mia Villarreal, Juniors and Seniors.

As a class we combined all of our skills spent the semester together creating this project. We were able to work together as a team in all different areas of this film such as Motion Graphics, 3D animation, VFX and SFX, Filmmaking, Screen Writing, Green Screening, and so much more. We all got to take part in almost every portion of the film and we had a great time doing it! Includes adult language.

New Penzance – Kinetic Typography

Alexa Patterson, Motion Designer, Senior

This work was a project for Bill Miller’s Motion Graphic Animation I class. Utilizing pre-existing dialogue/narration, we were to animate a motion graphic visualization of that dialogue/narration. As a graphic designer who has a strong interest in typography, translating that into motion was a welcome challenge. My graphic design emphasis is primarily in print media, but I think learning skills like motion design can only be beneficial in my career pursuits.


Bree Marconnet, Sophomore

I created this animation in my spring 2019 MAGD 220 course. I made all of the assets by hand in Illustrator and the animations were completed in After Effects. I am a passionate art student, and although this medium and style of work stretches beyond what I usually do, I am very proud of what I achieved over the course of a semester! By creating this animation, I conceptualized my own original character and their story.

Kinetic Type Animation

Veronica Wipperfurth, Designer, Senior

This project was done in Art Studio 388, Motion Graphics. The assignment was to select a short audio clip with dialogue and visually transcribe it in an interesting way. I wanted to use a comedic, light-hearted clip, so I chose one of my favorite scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy. As a graphic designer, I think this work rounds out my portfolio really well. It shows my understanding of typography, while also expanding my experience in different areas of design.


Veronica Wipperfurth, Designer, Senior

This project was done in Art Studio 388, Motion Graphics. The assignment was to visually portray a countdown, like you might see as a commercial bumper on tv. I thought the block-y concept had an interesting look and gave me a lot of different options to animate each number. As a graphic designer, I think this work will expand my portfolio because most of my work is stationary design. This piece shows some of the animation skills I developed in addition to my design skills.

Star Wars Sprite Commercial

Jake T. Abezetian, Jai Becker, Liz Biene,

Skylar Eicher, Seniors

This was a capstone course team project where us four combined our skills in film, 2d, and 3d animation to make a production. We had a great time working together and learned a lot from each other. We each specialize in different skill sets which are required to make this production.

Digital Visual Countdown

Ben Stempinski, Animator, Junior

My animation of the semester taught me several different tools in After Effects, and it helped me learn more about work load and setting goals for what to accomplish in an animation with a deadline.

Kinetic Type- Better Call Saul

Ben Stempinski, Animator, Junior

Further expanding my usage of After Effects, I learned how to use track mattes and proper timing for words displayed on screen. I really found a passion for animation and is something that I would explore further in the future. Includes adult language.

Branding In Motion

Sydney Myers, Creator, Junior

I have focused heavily on animation and VFX for my major in hopes of being able to create videos or VFX professionally as part of my career. For this project I did branding in motion and chose to do it on a band I like called Sleeping with Sirens. I made 3 different examples of branding in motion using their logo.

VFX Portals

Sydney Myers, Creator, Junior

I have been working with my major to focus it on VFX and Animation in hopes to create videos and VFX and a career after college. For this project, I wanted to incorporate portals using 3D tracking and blend the worlds between real life and video games.

Magic Countdown

Sydney Myers, Creator, Junior

I have been working hard to learn visual effects and animation in after effects in order to hopefully find a career in it after college. For this project I designed a countdown and utilized both VFX and motion graphics in order to make something cool.

PlayStation Logo Bumpers

Ben Stempinski, Animator, Junior

With everything I learned throughout the semester in Motion Graphics, Logo Bumpers helped me incorporate timing, sound and art to create unique logos that animate in different ways.


Tessa  & Sara Joyce, Juniors

These pieces were made during a motion graphics and design course that I had taken the following semester, and I had a blast making them. At this point, I had never done anything with motion design, and was very excited to give it a shot. This particular project, the Countdown, was one that my professor let my twin sister Sara and I team up for, and features multiple characters that we have designed over the years for the Dungeons & Dragons campaigns that we’ve taken part in together

Kinetic Type

Tessa Joyce, Artist, Junior

This other project, the Kinetic Type one, was done just by me, and features one of my favorite scenes from the game “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.” Both of these projects — and the class in general — helped me better understand my skill as an artist, and taught me something that I’d been meaning to learn for a long time.


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