Most games are playable on both Mac or PC, while some can be played in the browser. A couple of the games are multi-player and at least one requires external controllers. Click on links for specific instructions.

Be advised that some games include mature content.


Zack Garner, Programmer, Al
Adam Weber, Programmer, Junior
Dan Carmichael, Artist, Graduate Student

Aroa is a 1st person horror game made during the Brackey’s 2020 game jam with the theme “Rewind.” The game gives the player no information of where they are or what they are supposed to do, and so the player must explore the mansion to further understand their goals. We are passionate about game development, and each of us learned something new from this project to bring into our future.

Shepherd’s Hunt

Hannah Shumaker, Character Artist, Senior
Lou Jensen, Background and UI Artist, Senior
Ted Newton, Sound Design, Senior
Elijia Knight, Storyboard, Senior
Tyler Marinkovic, Programmer, Senior
Jeff Meyer, Programmer, Senior
Cole Bollig, Programmer, Senior

Our group is a hardworking team of seven students about to graduate. We all have a passion in either the arts or coding and decided to work together to create a great portfolio worthy project showing off both our individual skills, as designers and coders, and our ability to communicate through different platforms to get the fast-paced project out by the deadlines. Our outcome: Shepherd’s Hunt, a match-three game with six playable characters with unique abilities, 25 separate levels and a story to pull it all together.

Wisconsin – Card Game

Leah Blasczyk, Programmer, Senior
Dr. Nick Hwang, Professor

Wisconsin is a digital recreation of a card game loved by Leah’s family created for them and anyone to play the game remotely during the pandemic. We started this project in Spring of 2020 to learn more about how to integrate an online server connection within Unity. We are hoping to push this game as an app on the Apple and Google Play stores soon.

This project will help me (Leah) find a job in game development by showing my versatility in front-end and back-end development and that I have worked on several mobile applications that are available to the public. This game has also given me a foundation of understanding on working on other online games.

Project Terra

Dakota DeLaruelle, Programmer, Senior
Nikkos Horaitis, Rigger, Senior
Sara Joyce, Artist/Animator, Senior
Tessa Joyce, Artist/Animator, Senior
Tim Kent, Programmer, Senior
Austin Lange, Technical Artist/Animator, Senior

Hello, we are Project Terra, the designers of a video game created for our MAGD 488 Capstone project. Project Terra is a short game that demonstrates a PvE boss fight, where the player takes the role of Sprout, a woodland spirit armed with a sword and cannon arm, fighting against a stand-in NPC boss. Originally, we intended for the boss to be a fleshed-out character, but due to time and problems implementing the model to Unity, we decided to axe so we could change gears and program the stand-in instead.

Sara and Tessa were able to fulfill the roles they wish to have in the games industry as concept artists, and Nikkos, a hopeful animator, worked with rigging and motion capture. Austin was able to practice technical and 3D environmental art during this project. Dakota and Tim were able to pursue their careers as programmers for video games.


Caleb Sullivan, Independent Project, Senior

I am a programmer who likes building games from the ground up. I have a flexible skillset which has allowed me to create a variety of games as independent projects. Voidtamer is an experimental game, designed to allow me to try new methods of world generation and implement unique fog of war mechanics, and challenged me to design a crafting game without an inventory.

High Noon Showdown VR

Tim Kent, Lead Developer

This project was made for the MAGD Capstone 487 as an individual project. Using Unity and an asset pack by Synty that was bought off the Unity Asset Store, I was able to create a game in VR that simulates an Old West style duel. I wanted to show off and develop my skills as a coder/developer by using Unity in a way I haven’t before.

Metal Miners

Dylan Oelke, Lead Programmer and Lead Artist, Junior

Metal Miners is a 2-4 player split-screen party game set in a cave full of rich resources. My goal was to create a couch party game to play with my friends with controllers. I am working on this game because I want a polished project that I can show off on my portfolio for future employers to see. I also have a goal of releasing a game on Xbox and this game is currently being built for that.

I am mainly a programmer and I programmed everything in Metal Miners. The art is a mix of free assets and things made by me.

*Controllers Required*

Online Party Game

Leah Blasczyk, Backend Programmer, Senior
Wesley McWhorter, Programmer/Designer, Senior

Our game is an online board game that can be played with two to six of your friends online! Players roll the dice and race to be the first one to cross the finish line; along the way you can choose to play minigames which have the potential to give you a higher dice roll or no roll at all.

We created this game as a capstone project aiming to broaden our skills in both Unity and its connection to an online server. We hope that this game and its continuation can show off our skills in Unity and how far we have come over our the last four years of our education.

Lyra’s Tale

Adam Weber, Independent Project, Junior

Hello! My name is Adam Weber and I am a Junior in MAGD. This project is a showcase of all my skills I have obtained over the years throughout MAGD and my own experiences. Every asset is my own, which includes the programming, the art, the story line, and even the music. I have learned a lot, and I will continue to learn and make games, as well as work on this project. Making games is my dream career, and I hope one day I will be able to join a company that will allow me to do just that.


Austin Reed, Independent Project, Junior

I am Austin Reed, Junior at UW-Whitewater, and this is my video game in production titled “Alchosmic.” I had the original idea for the concept and mechanics about four years ago. Now that this is my third year participating in the Whitewater MAGD Expo, I believe I have gained valuable skills, and programmed a product that lives up to all the expectations I had pre-production. Alchosmic is a truly unique game which combines free-form exploration and collection with deckbuilding. With entirely original artwork, soundtrack, and code build from the ground up, Alchosmic is a game which I plan to include in my professional portfolio which will showcase the abilities I have gained throughout my education at UW-Whitewater.

Mausoleum Meltdown

Jeff Meyer, Programmer, Senior
Lauren Strauss, Artist, Junior

This project was the culmination of Lauren and my first class learning how to create games within Unity. While being interested in different aspects of the game creation process, we both hope to pursue careers in game development. This class, and project, provided a great foundation for us to begin that journey.

Untitled Penguin Game

Jake Sefranek, Artist, Junior
Dylan Oelke, Programmer, Junior
Adam Weber, Programmer, Junior
Lance Pearson, Map Designer, Junior

This game was created during the 2020 Ludum Dare. This was our first “2.5D” game (3d world with 2d sprites), and the goal is to survive as long as possible. This was a fun project to make as we are all passionate game developers, and we believe this project was good practice for us and our skills.


Cass Aleatory, Solo Developer, Senior

I started working on ESCAPE in my sophomore year during a class in Fiction Editing of all things. When the course’s professor, Dr. Holly Wilson, expressed interest in games as a storytelling medium, I took it upon myself to create a demo, or at least “proof-of-concept” that I thought would synergize well with the course discussion on Choose Your Own Adventure-style storytelling. However, I quickly realized that I wanted to build the game out fully, and thus I found myself leveraging my expertise in decisions-matter narratives (my intended specialty in the MAGD field) to turn this game into the summer-long passion project it is today. ESCAPE tells the story of a few middle schoolers who get trapped in an amusement park. There’s only one ending, but the way you treat the people you meet will change the path you take to get there.

End of the Party

Wesley McWhorter, Programming/Audio, Senior
Leah Blasczyk, Programming/Concept, Senior
Cass Aleatory, Writing/Programming, Senior
Sydney Myers, Art/VFX/Level Design, Senior
Damian Monson,  Art/Animation, Senior
Alyssa Fuller, Sountrack, Junior

End of the Party features decision-based, randomized gameplay that ensures no two playthroughs are identical. The heroes comprising the enemy party, the environment they must travel through, and even the events that occur along the way will be randomly chosen from a huge pool of possibilities. You can build out your character’s ability set to your liking and handle the scenarios you’re confronted with however you deem fit. But choose carefully, as the decisions you make along the way might just help you later on… or come back to haunt you.

We created this game as our senior capstone project in MAGD 488 with the soundtrack created by Alyssa from UW-Milwaukee. This game was inspired by the Indie game Death Road to Canada, keeping a similar play-style while giving it our own unique twist.

Lead The Way

Leah Blasczyk, Programmer, Senior
Sydney Myers, VFX/Artist, Senior
Wes McWhorter, Programmer, Senior
Austin Campbell, Modeler/Animator, Senior
Jesse Zumstein, 
Modeler/Rigger, Senior
Peter Michalak, Audio, Junior

Explore a cozy ski village and its surrounding wilderness in “Lead The Way”. Travel as a dog with your handler as you rescue lost people in varying situations. Hope you enjoy the game!

This game was created during the 2021 Global Game Jam. Wes, Sydney, and Leah are seniors in the MAGD program, Austin is a Criminology major who wanted to try something new, and Jesse and Peter are students from SCAD.

Elf Packing Simulator

Adam Weber, Programmer, Map Designer, Junior

Elf Packing Simulator is a 1st person Horror/Joke/Sandbox game where your goal is to pack presents for Santa. The game was made during a 48 hour game jam before last Christmas. The game includes a lot of random sandbox elements, which may or may not help the player keep Santa happy. Overall this project helped me learn more about game development and programming.

*content warning*

Electric Ball

Aidan Howe, Developer, Junior

Electric Ball is a game made in p5js, a javascript library used in Intro to MAGD course. It was my final for the course and is a quick arcade game that uses your voice and a few inputs to play. In the future, I have plans to be a video game developer. Though Electric Ball is a fun little game now, I want to grow and make much bigger projects in the future.

*sound warning – audio is very loud*

Fishy: Derpified

Joseph Yang, Lead Designer and Developer, Junior

I’ve always had an interest in creating interactive programs. I’ve also always had an interest in creative yet bizarre possibilities. When my MAGD professor decided to give us students the reins to create anything we wanted, why wouldn’t I create something that was both interactive and bizarre?

Flappy Reindeer

Sydney Myers, Creator, Senior

This was created in a 48 hour game jam. Due to the amount of homework I had we actually finished this game in less than 15 hours. This game is flappy bird but with reindeer instead.


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