Be advised that some of the video content includes adult language.

3D Animation Portfolio

Nikkos Horaitis, 3D Character Animator, Senior

Hey there, my name is Nikkos Horaitis, I’m mainly a character animator and sometimes a character rigger on the side. The work on display is a reel of selected animations I made in school so far. It includes 2 of my key animated pieces from practicing body mechanics in my Independent Study class, and 2 pieces of motion capture footage I acted in being transferred to and manually edited and polished in Maya 3D for my MAGD 487 Portfolio class. For me this has all been a great learning experience since I want to be a 3D character animator for games. Since motion capture is an important aspect of modern game development I want to improve these skills, as well as improve my key animation foundation and skills..

Logo Animation Reel

Sydney Myers, Independent Project, Senior

This is a reel that I created using my own logo in order to show future clients what I am capable of in the future. I made a basic logo animation, a youtube intro animation, and a twitch stream starting soon animation. I also created a transition that can be used for any of the animations.


Ben Stempinski, VFX artist, Senior; Samuel Dvorak, Audio Specialist, Senior; Rick Adams, Editor, Senior

Engram is a culmination of four months of work between the three of us for our MAGD capstone project. The goal was to create a short film that incorporated elements such as audio, timing and visual effects, which were all used to depict suspense and dread. Each of us have a passion for film, and were excited to collaborate in bringing this concept to life.

Escaping the Past

Ben Stempinski, Director, Senior; Ryan Brahm, Actor, Junior; Andy Graf, Actor, Sophmore

The second project for Video Production 2 had us utilize a chase scene in some way. My goal was to establish drama and mystery through different elements such as music and dialogue. Film making is a recent passion of mine that quickly grew to be one of my favorite things to do, and hope to continue doing new projects in the future.


Sydney Myers, Independent Project, Senior

I worked on this video this semester to try and better understand motion capture as well as vfx and 3d camera tracking.

Boss Battle Banners

Lisalet Messer, Illustrator and Motion Designer, Senior

I recently played a few games that inspired me to make animated banners that could precede a boss fight in an RPG. This project was a lot of fun because not only do I enjoy drawing my characters, but it also combined my two passions, illustration and motion design!

Ger’lcles Demoreel

Sam Rosenthal, 3D Artist, Senior

This demoreel will showcase some of my skills in character and environment 3d modeling, with a bit of character design on the side. It will also give me a chance to show the world some of the characters I’ve developed in my spare time that served as the inspiration for the models I have made in this demoreel.

My World, By Design

Kyle Grzyb, Writing, Directing, VFX, and Editing, Junior; Ben Stempinski, 3D Animation, Directing, and Editing, Senior; Cameron Quimby, SFX, Voice Acting, and Editing, Senior; Lisalet Messer, 2D Animation, Concept Art, and Voice Acting, Senior; Rick Adams, Music, SFX, Directing, and Editing, Senior; Alexander Biondi, Matte Painting and Concept Art, Senior; Ryan Brahm, Writing, Editing, Lead Actor, Junior; Shannon Luedtke, Writing and Editing, Junior;

This is the final product of the Spring 2021 Semester ARTSTDIO 477/488 course. This short film was made collaboratively between students utilizing a variety of visual effects and motion graphics techniques. The studio environment of the course helped to hone all of our skills in the field and develop a professional work flow.


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MAGD Expo 2024

We hold multiple game jams a year where students across the program collaborate in 48 hour sessions to complete mini projects.

Students earn credit with our Game Jams course held multiple times a semester.

Students design their own senior projects. Kalei shows her UI/UX design to Dean Hayes.

Our students can gain experience making games in virtual reality. 

Our students also gain experience creating games for alternative controls. Luke and Nicole are showing off their mid-air haptic feedback rhythm game.

Motion capture can bring your VR, AR, Motion Graphic to life. We have a new suit- and marker-based system.

Our annual summer camp brings in future students from 8th grade to seniors in high school to campus for a week of game development.

Nathan creates sound and audio for games. Courses in electronic music help make that happen.

Students can bring their own drawing tablets or check out equipment for their use.

About the MAGD Program

The Media Arts and Game Development Program’s mission is to deliver effective and relevant interdisciplinary curriculum responsive to the growing needs of the rapidly changing, evolving, and emerging time-based and interactive media disciplines and professions.