Games (Expo 2023)

Most games are playable on both Mac or PC, while some can be played in the browser. A couple of the games are multi-player and at least one requires external controllers. Click on links for specific instructions.

Be advised that some games include mature content.

The Light

Joe St. Louis, Solo Developer

This was a solo project I started in the summer, for this game my goal was to make everything on my own and tell the story I wanted to. I did succeed in both, I made all the models, scripts, ui, etc… The only thing I did not create was the grass, the music and the skybox. This was a great experience as I had to learn about all aspects of game development. This will help me in the future as my goal is to lead a game design studio and to do that I must have a basic understanding of all aspects of game development.


Joe St. Louis, Solo Developer

This is a text based game made for Comm 351. This project helped me with my story telling abilities as I have not had much practice with this since middle school.

Don’t Touch My Eggs

Joe St. Louis, Solo Developer

This was a solo project made in a 48 hour weekend game jam. This was my second attempt at a solo game jam and it was a really good experience and I learned a lot from this game jam. Doing a solo game jam helps you get an understanding about all aspects of game development and helps you push your limits which creating this game did for me.

I’m Here For You

Joe St. Louis, Programming, Level Building; Isaac Young, Level Design, UI Art; Jake Menning, Level Building

This was a 48 hour game jam game with the theme of “Two is better than one” for two of the group members it was there first game jam experience and they learned a lot about game development in those 48 hours.

Cowboy’s Chorus

Brian Michael, Programming, Sophomore; Gavin Anderson, Music, Freshman; Ethan Meinecke, Cover Art, Junior

The idea behind this was to create a game that could be enjoyed regardless of the user’s level of visibility. My goal was to create a game that did not have any visuals, however they are here in case someone wants some aid.

Of course, once I graduate from UWW, I want to program games full-time. While I haven’t found my specific niche of audience yet, this game provided a potential path for me to go down.

– Brian Michael

Pro Boxing p5.js Game

Isaac Young, Artist and Programmer

I love combat sports and for my Intro to Game Dev class I wanted to make a game that supported this interest. This game is a ‘clicker’ game with a stamina mechanic. I created the game art in photoshop and programmed the game using p5.js.


Elijah Winchel, Artist and Designer, Freshman, Cameron Aron, Programmer, Freshman, Brian Michael, Programmer, Sophomore, Cash Lund-Coleman, Level Design

The work was submitted for what was most of our groups second Game Jam ever that was done through the GAMED club. I wanted to show it off not for the gameplay but because I was proud of its art direction.

Game Mechanic Database

Dayne Farris, Programmer, Senior

In this project, I took examples of popular mechanics from games I have played in the past and recreated them in the Unity engine. This showcases a range of skills in creating new systems on the fly for different purposes.

The Trials

Dayne Farris, Programmer, Senior

The Trials was a short game I created to test out a dynamic movement system I created over the course of a semester. I wanted to create a movement system that shared the speed and fluidness of the popular game Apex Legends with a few extra features.

View “Soulbound Survior” on Google Play Store

Soulbound Survior

Dayne Farris, Programmer, Senior, Nick Hwang, Programmer, Professor

Soulbound Survivor is a mobile game that Professor Hwang and I have worked on over the course of this spring semester. In this project, you may unleash your power, destroy enemies, unlock new heroes, and begin new journeys! Download on Google Play available.

Blacksite Theta

MAGD 488 Spring Team

Blacksite Theta is the capstone-level project from the 488 team from the Spring semester. Use your newly gained mutant arm abilities to solve puzzles, move around in dynamic possibilities, and attempt to escape from the facility. This project will be uploaded to Steam in the early portion of the summer.


Dayne Farris, Programmer, Senior, James Zajkowski, Programmer, Junior, Lucas Ackman, Programmer, Senior, Joe St. Louis, Programmer, Junior

Lucidus was a project created over a game jam held by the GAMED club in the spring semester. Control your actions as you navigate through a series different lucid dream experiences in this multi-genre game mashup.

Mini Putt

Joseph Yang, Griffin Clos, Kaitlin Southard

Mini Putt is a cute game that simulates the relaxing gameplay of Minigolf, where players must hit the golf ball into the hole in a certain amount of strokes/hits.

Duo Darts

Tim Winecke, Design/Narrative, Alumni; Joshua Guzman, Programmer, Alumni; Makai Delorme, Artist, Alumni; Joseph Yang, Programmer, Alumni

A game completed for the 2022 Global Game Jam; a romance-lite revolving around a professional Duo Darts tournament, where you’ve shown up without a partner. The player’s goal is to befriend and recruit one of the four main supporting characters as a finalist partner.


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MAGD Expo 2024

We hold multiple game jams a year where students across the program collaborate in 48 hour sessions to complete mini projects.

Students earn credit with our Game Jams course held multiple times a semester.

Students design their own senior projects. Kalei shows her UI/UX design to Dean Hayes.

Our students can gain experience making games in virtual reality. 

Our students also gain experience creating games for alternative controls. Luke and Nicole are showing off their mid-air haptic feedback rhythm game.

Motion capture can bring your VR, AR, Motion Graphic to life. We have a new suit- and marker-based system.

Our annual summer camp brings in future students from 8th grade to seniors in high school to campus for a week of game development.

Nathan creates sound and audio for games. Courses in electronic music help make that happen.

Students can bring their own drawing tablets or check out equipment for their use.

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