Be advised that some of the audio submissions include adult language. 

Synthesis Exploration

Griffin Clos, Creator, Junior

For this project I replaced the music of a pre-existing game. The game takes clips of music and puts them in a random order, so I replaced the pre-existing clips of music with my own. Due to a bug in the game that makes the music get louder and softer at random, I put all of my music clips in a randomized order, and put them into a video with some gameplay footage. I’m very interested in Game Design as well as Music, so doing this project really gave me a lot of experience with making music to fit the mood of a game.

Doom Inspired Soundtrack

Griffin Clos, Creator, Junior

I’ve always been inspired by the music in older games such as DOOM. MIDI music is fun to work with, so I took the Soundfont (Pre-recorded instrument files) of the Roland SC-55 (A sound device that DOOM was meant to be used with) and made a piece that was in the style of the original game. As someone who will always pay attention to the music in video games as I move forward with my Game Development classes, this project was a lot of fun trying to figure out how different instruments complement each other and what editing techniques helped with the sounds of the game.

A Nap in the Desert

Darren Juno, Musician/Producer, Junior

This project is meant to represent the listener laying in the desert and slowly falling asleep. As this happens, the sounds from the environment shift into music. I am most interested in audio production and music production.

Tetragun Soundtrack

Kayla Okus, Composer, Junior

I wrote these tracks for an arcade-style game called Tetragun that will be releasing on Steam this year. I received this opportunity when I was contacted by someone I went to high school with (who is one of the main developers on this game). This was my first time composing electronic music, as well as music for a video game. I find video gaming to be one of my biggest interests outside of being a musician, and though I am going into the field of music education, I would like to find time to continue composing for video games in the future.


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