Ben Stempinski, 3D Artist, Junior

As a MAGD student with a visual arts emphasis, it was important that I explore 3D art and modeling, and this space ship represents the initial work I have put forth through one semester. I hope to improve my modeling skills on my own time and in other classes as I prepare for my future career.

3D Models

Daniel Carmichael, Senior

These are models I worked on during game jams and during my free time. I enjoy modelling things I like as a hobby, but I think it’s also helpful to understand different parts of game development to help make the workflow a bit smoother.

The Browning Hotel

Sam Rosenthal, senior

Since I am interested in being an environment artist/3d artist, I felt it would be appropriate to expand my 3d modeling skills. The hotel was chosen to give myself a creative challenge.

MADoS 3D Character Design

Austin Lange, Artist, junior

MADoS is a character design that I created for a Dungeons and Dragons Player Character. I was inspired to create this to test my skills in character development. It is a project that I was passionate about because it allowed me to take a character I play with my friends and allowed me to produce something that I can show others. MADoS is no longer just a character that exists in the theater of the mind but rather a fully rendered character. As a man who plans to go into video game development, I feel that this project was a good way for me to experiment with 3D design.

Angelic Arsenal

Damian Monson, 3D Artist, Senior

This Angelic Arsenal was the final project for my capstone course. Much of the work for this was creating models and intricate shapes I wasn’t comfortable with along side working with the Arnold rendering software that Maya comes with. This is a great start to what I want to do which is to make characters and models whether it be for games or movies. This project was a big learning experience both in learning how to model some complex shapes, but also I learned how to use the Arnold rendering to my advantage.

Sketchbook of VFX

Damian Monson, 3D Artist, Senior

Hi this is my VFX sketchbook from the independent study I took this semester in which I took a look at Unreal Engine 4. Much of this was to take a look at other software I will be working with in the future and taking a quick look at what I can learn and implement. As a 3D artist I wanted a couple of the VFX projects to include models that I had made. This will help me as an artist because being able to broaden my strokes as an artist allows me to be more versatile to a development team and VFX has always been something I wanted to learn.


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