Be advised that some of the audio submissions include adult language. 

Tyler Lantta Electronic Music Demo

Tyler Lantta, Composer & Producer, Junior

Tyler Lantta is a junior studying music and electronic media. He wishes to get his big break, and be able to compose professionally in whatever field that’ll put up with him. These works are a portfolio of different types of music he’s capable of writing that could potentially be used as absolute music, or soundtrack for a game.

UWW Redesign

Ethan Greening, Senior

I was tasked for my web development class to redesign a site of my choosing to fit my own personal interests. Immediately I decided on making a more student-centric version of the UWW homepage, as so many times I had gone on there to find something only to not find it and have to ask around. I really think that even though MAGD is my minor, doing this kind of work is an important tool at my disposal. Life is episodic, and I may not pursue my primary field of study forever.

Circuit Playrground Express Controller

Dayne Farris, Programmer, Junior

This was my final project for the MAGD 271 course (Interactive Communication). When given the task to create any physical object to interact with our micro processors, I first thought of creating a game controller. While building this controller, I was able to connect my work to an existing project from the previous semester. Thus began the creation of my physical controller to play my classic retro games created in p5.js. This project was a great way for me as a student to look into the connection from an internal game, to an external device. This project was able to give a great introduction to the creation of controllers through Arduino code. In fall of 2021, I plan to work alongside professor Nick Hwang in creating a virtual reality experience based off of custom motion controllers.

One Last Ride

Eleri Beal, Composer, Sophomore

I had to create a title sequence for an art class. Part of that was including a soundtrack to go along with our visuals. I didn’t have any ideas of what to do visually, other than I knew I wanted to create a Western. With that idea in mind I started to compose. The music I created generated the plot, the timing, and the art. I then was able to take my composition further by programming it in Logic.

My project connects the two things that I love, music and art directly together. This also gave me insight into composing music that’s directly tied to the visuals. As for career goals I aspire to be a film composer as well as to work on the art side of things.

Ariana Grande Website

Dalon Williams, Creator, Sophomore

My love for Ariana Grande has grown for a while, and we were supposed to do a biography in my Web Development course. I also recently changed my emphasis in MAGD to communication to pursue a career in Web Development. I have enjoyed coding since my freshman year because it’s nice how creative and artist you can be through something so technical. I did not feel like media art was for me, but I think a combination of creating code to express creativity differently but through a more technical process.


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