The Greek Isle of Helena

Samuel Rosenthal, Senior

Since I am striving for a position as an environment artist, I decided to push my 3D environment modeling skills to new and creative challenges. In this case, I chose to do a landscape, which is a lot more natural in design and forced me to figure out different approaches and methods in comparison to the architectural models I made in the past.

Spring 2020 Award Winners

Sketchbook of VFX

Damian Monson, 3D Artist, Senior

Hi this is my VFX sketchbook from the independent study I took this semester in which I took a look at Unreal Engine 4. Much of this was to take a look at other software I will be working with in the future and taking a quick look at what I can learn and implement. As a 3D artist I wanted a couple of the VFX projects to include models that I had made. This will help me as an artist because being able to broaden my strokes as an artist allows me to be more versatile to a development team and VFX has always been something I wanted to learn.


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MAGD Expo 2024

We hold multiple game jams a year where students across the program collaborate in 48 hour sessions to complete mini projects.

Students earn credit with our Game Jams course held multiple times a semester.

Students design their own senior projects. Kalei shows her UI/UX design to Dean Hayes.

Our students can gain experience making games in virtual reality. 

Our students also gain experience creating games for alternative controls. Luke and Nicole are showing off their mid-air haptic feedback rhythm game.

Motion capture can bring your VR, AR, Motion Graphic to life. We have a new suit- and marker-based system.

Our annual summer camp brings in future students from 8th grade to seniors in high school to campus for a week of game development.

Nathan creates sound and audio for games. Courses in electronic music help make that happen.

Students can bring their own drawing tablets or check out equipment for their use.

About the MAGD Program

The Media Arts and Game Development Program’s mission is to deliver effective and relevant interdisciplinary curriculum responsive to the growing needs of the rapidly changing, evolving, and emerging time-based and interactive media disciplines and professions.