Most games are playable on both Mac or PC, while some can be played in the browser. A couple of the games are multi-player and at least one requires external controllers. Click on links for specific instructions.

Be advised that some games include mature content.

Lumbered and Outnumbered

Kahlen Friske – Programmer, Level Creator, UI Designer, Game Designer. Senior

Lumbered and Outnumbered was a love child of many genres of video games that I wanted to try and create. It has house creating using a grid-based building system, full hiring workers system, enemy and worker AI, player and weapon levels with skill points and upgrade system, first-person shooter segments, and a car driving minigame. It is kind of all over the place, but that is just because I wanted to try a bunch of new things. It connects to my career goals because I feel like it really helped me understand new systems and how to connect multiple different systems together to affect the gameplay and communicate with each other. It allowed me to focus on good programming practices and optimize my code for a more stable version of the game.


Wesley McWhorter, Programming/Level Design, Junior

Leah Blasczyk, Programming/Level Design, Junior

Sydney Myers, Lead Art, Junior

Zack Garner, Programming/Level Design, Senior

Adam Weber, Programming/Level Design, Sophomore

Nathan Frazier, Music & Sound Effects, Junior

Dakota DeLaruelle, Programming, Junior

Split was created during a game jam held by the GAMED club. Our goal for this game was to keep it simple, finish it fast, and leave lots of time to polish and make new levels. There is also a progress system within the game. If a player/players complete all levels and collect all the collectibles (in challenge mode), endless mode will be unlocked. Before the MAGD Expo was online, we were planning on building a game cabinet that would run our game through a raspberry pi. Unfortunately, with the University and expo moving online, we never built the cabinet, but we are still excited to show our game. Enjoy!

System Overload

Leah Blasczyk, Lead Programmer + Designer, 

Wesley McWhorter, Programmer + Designer + Lead 2D Artist + Audio, Junior

Cass Aleatory, Programmer + Writer + Composer, Junior

System Overload was created for the Fall 2019 MAGD Game Jam, run by the Game & Media Entertainment Developers club at UW-Whitewater. The theme of the jam was Simulation. I feel that working on System Overload helped prepare us for the conditions in the Indie development industry. When all assets for a game (visual, audio, code, and writing) are created by just three people, everyone needs to be ready to adapt to multiple roles, oftentimes on short notice. That’s exactly what we did while working on System Overload… and our efforts resulted in a complete and polished project prepared in just 48 hours. (We haven’t touched it since the jam ended!)


Caleb Sullivan, Programmer, Junior

Ethan Meinecke, Artist, Freshman

Ethan Zink, Artist, Freshman

Our group built this project with the goal of improving our skills. Ethan M and Ethan Z, both looking for careers in game art, wanted to refine their ability to create quality assets and experience the transition of their work from static images on a page to vibrant characters in an active world. Caleb sought to deepen his understanding of the mechanics of games programming and experiment with dynamically loaded levels and interesting way to procedurally generate infinite spaces.

Cube Route

Christopher McConnell, Coder and Level Designer, Senior

Andrew Brien, Coder and 3D modeler, senior

Andrew Mason, Coder and Music creator, senior

Our game is a game about traversing a cube maze. You do this by collecting pick ups which can be used to build platforms. This work connects to our goals as we all intend to go into the the game development field. We are all also coders so we decided to focus of game play rather than visual design. We tried to make the game look presentable but our main focus was on creating an enjoyable experience.

Dice Knight

Andrew Mason, Design, Programming, Art, Music, Sound, Writing, Senior

Hello judges. I am Andrew, a senior at UWW. Dice Knight is a top down RPG which takes inspiration from table top role playing games and turns it into a fast paced action shooter adventure. This game is something I have been developing for some time now. It is a culmination of everything I’ve learned in the MAGD program. While not finished, it is still very playable and hopefully enjoyable. I plan to finish it this summer and release it on steam by August.

Indiana Duck

Wesley McWhorter, Programmer/Artist, Junior

Leah Blasczyk, Programming, Junior

Jesse Zumstein, 3D modeler, Junior

This game was made at a recent game jam with two themes “Meme” and “Discovery”. We had a fun time making this game and hope that you can help Indiana Duck find his missing artifact.

Castle Repair

Wesley McWhorter, Art/Design/Programming, Junior

Leah Blasczyk, Programming/Design, Junior

Jake Klein, Programming/Design, Graduate Student

Nathan Frazier, Music/Sound Effects, Junior

Kyle Mcclendon, Programming, Junior

This game was created for the 2020 Global Game Jam with the theme of ‘Repair’. Castle Repair is a 2-4 player competitive game where players race to repair their castle first.This game requires at least two controllers to play.

War on Chyrhyn

Adam Weber, Programmer, Artist, Sophomore

This is my first solo project that I have created since my time here in MAGD and the GAMED club on campus. My goal with this game was to use all of the knowledge that I have learned from the classes I took and the projects I have worked on to make my own creation come to life. In this project, I made every asset except for a couple sound files. Making my own games has always been a dream of mine, so I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn from Whitewater. My goal is to someday participate in the gaming industry, and with each project I make I feel closer to that goal.

Fish Golf

Adam Weber, Programmer, Sophomore;

Lance Pearson, Programmer, Sophomore;

Nathan Karrels, Artist, Sophomore;

Nikkos Horaitis, Artist, Junior;

Ethan Pawinski, Artist, Graduated;

Dan Carmichael, Artist, Senior

Fish Golf was made during the 2020 Global Game Jam with the theme “repair.” We knew that we wanted to make a golf game prior to the theme announcement. In order to fit the theme inside, we decided to make our golf game heavily comedic to the best of our abilities and our time constraint. Thus Fish Golf was born. All of us in the group are very interested in working in the entertainment/gaming field, so even though we made a joke game, we took it seriously. Many of the aspects inside were new to us and we learned from them to make bigger and better projects to come.


Austin Reed, everything, Sophomore

Gerrymander is a political strategic RPG game. It is a solo project made in Game Maker Studio 2 and features graphics made in Adobe Photoshop along with an original soundtrack made in Soundtrap Studio. Politics has long influenced art forms, but rarely permeates into the central themes or aesthetics of video games. I believe there is a need for increased political awareness in youth, that it is our duty to care and participate in the world around us. I designed Gerrymander specifically to avoid bias and have the player engage in puzzle-strategy which makes changes in the nation they are immersed in.

Dungeon of Atlatis

Zack Garner, Programming, Junior

Cass Aleatory, Programming, Junior

Sydney Myers, Artist/Programmer, Junior; Nathan Frazier, Programming, Junior; Nick Hwang, Audio and Programming

Dungeon of Atlatis is a procedurally-generated infinite 2D dungeon crawler. Featuring fully-randomized floors, rooms packed full of adorable pixel-art enemies, and three unique bosses to battle, Dungeon of Atlatis challenges players to battle their way through as many floors as they can.

100 Day Cupid

Jas Gardner, Creator, Senior

Hello, I’m Jas Gardner, and this is the completed demo for the game I’ve been working on, 100 Day Cupid. I’m immensely interested in art and design, and especially character design. This project started out as an exercise to design a large group of characters around several themes, and I thought that presenting them in an interactive game would be much more interesting than just a folder of still images. Thank you for playing!

The Watcher

Jacob Klein, Programmer, Graduate Student;

Adam Weber, Programmer, Sophomore;

Dylan Oelke, Programmer, Sophomore;

Dan Carmichael, Artist, Senior

A horror game made during a game jam. Includes mature content.


Leah Blasczyk, Programming, Junior

Wesley McWhorter, Programming, Junior

Sydney Myers, Artist, Junior

Nick Hwang, Audio and Programming

EduVenture is an educational game created for the Digital Media Lab internship program. This game was a recreation of the game EduRun created by the DML during the Fall semester. EduVenture was created to serve as example work the DML can show future clients.


Ashlyn Brissey, Artist and Writer, Senior

Henry Dustrude, Programmer, Senior

Ben Lemkuil, Programmer, Junior

Taylor O’Neil, Sound Technician, Senior.

Speculo is a hand-drawn point and click horror game. It features spooky storytelling through first-person exploration where your choices matter. It also showcases two anxiety-inducing mini-games from a top-down perspective. We had a lot of fun making this and are excited to receive professional feedback on a project that we can all put into our portfolios. We all aspire to work in the game development profession whether it be coding, art, design, writing, or sound design. Includes mature content.


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