Cartoon Self Portrait

Lauren Strauss, Artist, Sophomore

Hello, my name is Lauren and i really love to draw in monochromatic pinks. (Mainly because my program does not render out the colors i want when I draw in more than one color). I did this a while ago while listening to a band called Gorillaz. While I listened, I doodled myself in their art style.

Jai’s Silence

Joe St. Louis, Artist, Freshman

Jai is the character in the middle and his character is supposed to be mysterious because of his dark past. I try to show that with the background, having fog and a dark tone to it. This connects me to my career goals as one of my goals is to produce a game, and creating characters is apart of the game making process.

Mysteries Monthly Cast

Lou Jensen, Artist, Senior

A cast of characters inspired by my fascination by UFO mythology, and the otherworldly presence of the “men in black.” Digital painting and character design are my favorite areas to work within, so creating these portraits seemed like a natural way to show my abilities. 


Lauren Strauss, Artist, Sophomore

My friend was going through some issues at the time so I asked if she had anything she would want me to draw for her. She asked if I knew what Cookie Run was, when I said I did not she pulled me into an art book and started reading to me a few facts. I had fun and was interested as she read, so I streamed and started drawing one of its characters in monochrome pink for her as she read.

MAGD 487 Project

Sara Joyce, Artist; Tessa Joyce, Artist

Hello! We are Sara and Tessa Joyce, a pair of twins who want to work as concept artists in the video game industry. This work is from one of our capstone classes, MAGD 487 Portfolio Development. We designed four characters that would make up a hypothetical party in a fantasy role-playing game such as Dungeons & Dragons: the Sorcerer, the Monk, the Warlock, and the Ranger. We hope you enjoy seeing the process we went through in designing these characters.

Hero’s Sword

Isaac Behling, Independed Project, Sophomore

This is a cool recreation of the master sword from the legend of Zelda series in the temple of time.

Game Idea

Lauren Strauss, Artist, Sophomore

I misread a project outline for my MAGD 272 class. I was so mad at myself for wasting a few hours on this just to reread and learn I was suppose to use the class materials for the project. However, I got to practice a scrolling 2D background, so it wasn’t a total loss in my opinion.

Amaya’s Character Design

Amaya Phillippi

Hi, I’m Amaya! In this past year I’ve had some MAGD courses that have finally given me the chance to work with character design. I’ve worked on making characters for DND and creative writing and this project has helped me bring them to life.

Wooden Cabin

Ian Behling

I was in a 3d modeling course and wanted to try and recreate my grandparents porch. when i learned that I could have judges look at my work I was and still am super excited to have my work looked at. my goal is to try and make my own games and learning how to 3d model things would help me a lot.

My Prime Years

Katie Pollock, Art, Junior

“My Prime Years” embodies the tragic reality that college students like myself have faced all school year, which was being locked inside due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I have never found myself to be more dissatisfied with my life in my 20, almost 21, years of existence on this planet. Before this year, I was majoring in Fine Arts here at UW-Whitewater. However, I reached a breaking point in Fall 2020 and changed my major for the third time, even as a 3rd year student. This change required me to learn how to draw digitally, when physical drawing and painting was all I had ever known. “My Prime Years” is my first honest attempt at digital drawing. I already had the skill set, it was just about how I was going to use it. And while I have basically been trapped inside, especially during the process of making this piece, it truly did sit me down and help me learn more about digital drawing and the medium, and I hope that I can continue to do that in my near future.

Pincer Shrimp

Lauren Strauss, Artist, Sophomore

I wanted to mess with some traits of a character I made. I wanted to try some perspective on his pincer in an image and try and work away from the body type i typically doodle, feminine shape.

Amaya Character Design

Amaya Phillippi

Hi, I’m Amaya! In this past year I’ve had some MAGD courses that have finally given me the chance to work with character design. I’ve worked on making characters for DND and creative writing and this project has helped me bring them to life.

Comfy Faux Photoshoot

Ryan Kreiter, Solo Project Artist, Senior.

3D path-traced renders of 2 characters, a cat and a dragon-dog, in an environment resembling a photoshoot. This connects to my interests of 3d art and previous character modeling and rigging experience I wish to continue further in my career.


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