Harry’s Squad

Bree Marconnet, artist, 2nd year student

Earlier this semester, I worked as a Research Apprenticeship student for Dr. Nick Hwang. Before COVID moved the MAGD Expo online, it was planned that a visual effects artist that is known for her work on Harry Potter would speak at the Expo. That’s where I came in–I drew this image of the iconic trio in order to advertise this speaker’s presence at the Expo. Although it never got to happen, I am very proud of the level of detail I put into this drawing during a busy semester. This piece is very reflective of the type of work I usually do.


Bree Marconnet, artist, 2nd year

I think of myself as a portrait artist. For many years now, I have enjoyed depicting faces in my work. For this piece, I wanted to emphasize the saturated colors on Manu’s face; it’s why I chose this reference. You can find credit for my reference image in the caption of my Instagram post. Although I have many years of experience working in traditional drawing mediums, I have moved toward the digital in the past two years. This piece was completed using the program Procreate, which I find very realistically simulates drawing traditionally, but with some awesome perks, like an undo button.

Good Boys

Lauren Strauss, first-year student

I enjoy making cartoons. I would love to dive further into art in the coming years.

Background Thing

 Lauren Strauss, first-year student

I would like to dive into backgrounds. this is one of the 5 I’ve made.

Steampunk Fighters

Reba Wallin, 2D Artist, Junior

Created Fall 2019.
Drawn with pencil and paper then brought into Adobe Illustrator.

These characters were created for the final project in MAGD 220, Drawing for Digital Media, this past fall. The requirement for the project was to create characters with the intention of them being in a video game. I choose to do a steampunk theme because there isn’t a whole lot of steampunk themed fighting games out there and I wanted to see what I could come up with. Creating these Steampunk Fighters was a lot of fun and I definitely enjoyed working on them. This project also coincides with my career goals as I have been interested in character design for a long time and this project proved to be a great opportunity for me to delve into the world of designing and creating characters. Character design and concept art is a huge part of what I aim to do in the future as a career.

First Year Portfolio

Kyle Grzyb, 2D Artist, Sophomore

Hello! My name is Kyle Grzyb. I’m 18 years old and from the small town of Trevor, WI. By the time I’m submitting this, I will have completed my first year as an MAGD major at UW Whitewater. I had never really worked with creative software like Photoshop or Illustrator before coming here, but after having a blast making projects in my into classes and with the encouragement of my professors, I’m proud to present my progress for the expo this year. I hope to use these skills and this event as an opportunity to explore my options in the field of game design and I’m excited to see where this path takes me in the future!

Spoop Family

Katie Pinzon, Graduating Senior

I love having fun with my work, and I hope to continue to do so in whatever future career I land on


Katie Pinzon, Graduating Senior

I like my work to be playful, and I hope to have a vibrant career where I am encouraged to try new things

A Study in Smoke

Katie Pinzon, Graduating Senior 

I like to keep a sense of humor in my work, this was designed to be used on wood with a laser cutter but I felt it also worked as a stand alone illustration

Dark Side Chocolate

Katie Pinzon, Graduating Senior

This concept is based around Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, a tragic love story

Spoop Family

Katie Pinzon, Graduating Senior

I love having fun with my work, and I hope to continue to do so in whatever future career I land on

Sara Joyce’s Concept Art & Splash Art

Sara Joyce, Artist, Junior

My goal is to become a character concept artist for digital and tabletop games. I’ve provided some work I did in my free time during the 2019-2020 school year, mostly of my Dungeons & Dragons characters. Two pieces are of one character called Greenbriar, with the first piece showing multiple iterations of his design, and the other being finished splash art. The last two pieces are reference sheets for another two characters. One image is included below – click on the link to explore all of images in Deviant Art.


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We hold multiple game jams a year where students across the program collaborate in 48 hour sessions to complete mini projects.

Students earn credit with our Game Jams course held multiple times a semester.

Students design their own senior projects. Kalei shows her UI/UX design to Dean Hayes.

Our students can gain experience making games in virtual reality. 

Our students also gain experience creating games for alternative controls. Luke and Nicole are showing off their mid-air haptic feedback rhythm game.

Motion capture can bring your VR, AR, Motion Graphic to life. We have a new suit- and marker-based system.

Our annual summer camp brings in future students from 8th grade to seniors in high school to campus for a week of game development.

Nathan creates sound and audio for games. Courses in electronic music help make that happen.

Students can bring their own drawing tablets or check out equipment for their use.

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